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2020-21 Severe Weather Communication

Mr. Kerhoulas Letter to Parents Regarding Severe Weather for the 2021-2022 School Year
2021-2022 Main Roads Only

Safety Measures

Improving student and staff security was emphasized with our current bond package that was approved in 2016. Some of the projects that the District has undertaken include:

Pesticide Advisory to Parents/Guardians - Click for Info

Video Buzz-In Systems
Visitors to our schools must be "buzzed" in during school hours. Only those with appropriate school business will be allowed into the main areas of the building and past the front office via an additional buzzer.

Installation of Security Cameras

Numerous cameras have been installed in each building, at key locations, to help monitor all areas.

Newly Designed Entrances
The recently updated entrances serve to route traffic toward the main entrance to better monitor visitors. 

Key Card Access
This project began as part of the second phase of the 2011 bond project. Installation of a card reader at the front door and alternate entrances to buildings will control how doors are locked and unlocked. Outside doors of buildings will remain locked throughout the day.

These steps are in addition to the following long-term safety practices that have already been in place throughout our District:

Safety Drills
Schools are monitored to ensure they are in compliance with safety drill requirements. A list of scheduled safety drills is reported to the St. Clair County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Local first responders are often present during drills and help ensure drills are completed in adherence to appropriate standards. Recent changes to school safety legislation has made it necessary for schools to report the completion of safety drills online.

Drill Reporting Form 2021-2022  (PHS login required)

Safety Drill Log 2021-2022

Every school building is required to participate in a minimum number of safety drills throughout the school year.
Fire Drills - minimum of 5 practice drills per year
Tornado Drills (Severe Weather) - minimum of 2 practice drills per year
Lockdown Drills - minimum of 3 practice drills per year


Log Archive
Safety Drill Log 2020-2021
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Safety Drill Log 2018-2019

Safety Drill Log 2017-2018

Crisis Plans
Each building has a crisis plan in place. Plans are updated annually.

Local Law Enforcement Walkthroughs
Local law enforcement officers perform regular walk-throughs at all buildings to ensure familiarity with the layout.

Annual First Responders Meetings
The district sponsors an annual First Responders Meeting, which is attended by members of the Port Huron Police Department, Fire Department, Sheriff's Department, St. Clair County Department of Emergency Management/Homeland Security and representatives from other key agencies. Safety policies are discussed and updated as a result of these meetings.

Enhanced Radio Communications
All buildings have an 800 MHz radio which allows communication between buildings as well as immediate contact with First Responders.

Visitor Sign-In
All visitors are required to check in at the office to get a visitor pass before moving about the building. Only those who have appropriate school business will be allowed in the main areas of the schools during instructional hours. Employees are expected to monitor all visitors who enter our buildings.