Holland Woods Middle School Counseling Services

Holland Woods Middle School Counseling

Holland Woods Middle School offers comprehensive counseling services that are available to all students. Along with these services the counselors also provide classroom and guidance counseling.

Our counselors provide individual counseling throughout the year to students. The student, parent, or teachers can initiate requests for an appointment with the counselor. Our counselors also provide group counseling on a weekly basis with interested students.

Our counselors are available for career prep counseling either individually or in the classroom. Various materials are used to assist students who are in the beginning stages of selecting their careers.

All students are assigned to a counselor according to the following breakdown:

Ms. McCoy is our 7th & 8th grade counselor and can be reached at jmccoy@phasd.us

Mrs. Doenges is our 6th grade counselor and can be reached at mdoenges@phasd.us

Contact may be made in the following ways:

*Request a pass from your counselor

*Leave your name and the counselor you want to see with the student office aide or with the secretary in the office.

*Request a pass to see the counselor from your teacher if it is an emergency.